About The Shelby County Democratic Party

We believe in recruiting, supporting and electing qualified candidates who align with the national platform of the Democratic Party.

A Working Party

Find us in the community – interacting with constituents, groups, and organizations to influence change through our vote.

Accountability Agents

We hold elected officials accountable for the progressive legislative agendas they commit to support during their term.

GOTV Strategists

We work alongside quality candidates to ensure that Shelby County Democrats are fired up and ready to WIN on Election Day.

A Sounding Board

Coalitions and constituents are encouraged to share ideas to improve the Democratic Party’s position.

" Let’s paint the town blue! We’ve got the passion and the energy and the VOTES to get quality Democrats elected! "

2017 Summer Convention

There are countless opportunities to get involved with the new Shelby County Democratic Party. On July 22, 2017, we convened to elect 130 NEW leaders to the SCDP Democratic Grassroots Council. These leaders will elect the 2017-2019 Chair of the Shelby County Democratic Party (AUGUST 5, 2017) and serve as organizers in their respective districts. ROLL CALL: VIEW THE LEADERS OF THE NEW PARTY.

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Districts 1-7

District 1

8 votes

Commissioner: Terry Roland
District 2

8 votes

Commissioner: George Chism
District 3

7 votes

Commissioner: David Reaves
District 4

8 votes

Commissioner: Mark Billingsley
District 5

8 votes

Commissioner: Heidi Shafer
District 6


Commissioner: Willie Brooks
District 7


Commissioner: Melvin Burgess

Districts 8-13

District 8

10 votes

Commissioner: Walter Bailey
District 9

15 votes

Commissioner: Justin J. Ford
District 10

13 votes

Commissioner: Reginald Milton
District 11

11 votes

Commissioner: Eddie S. Jones
District 12

12 votes

Commissioner: Van Turner
District 13

9 votes

Commissioner: Steve Basar


A Vote Of Confidence

Dave Cambron

Big Changes Mean Big Opportunities!

Germantown Democrats has a long history with the SCDP. We are excited about the newly structured Party and believe opening the Party up for new members and focusing on Organizing will allow Democrats in Shelby County and Tennessee to succeed in 2018 and beyond. We are looking forward to helping, and know that together we will win!!

Dave Cambron

President, Germantown Democratic Club

Yollander Hardaway

Ready to Rebuild!

Democratic Women of Shelby County is 100% committed to reorganizing our party. We aim to help build a party that can provide first-rate candidates, energize voters, and win elections!

Yollander Hardaway

President, Democratic Women of Shelby County

Danielle Inez

Young Democrats Are Fired Up!

Our organization is eager to serve as an extension of our local party in upcoming elections! We look forward to collaborating to recruit the best possible candidates for elected office and then helping in the community to bring home the W on Election Day!

Danielle Inez

President, Shelby County Young Democrats

Emily Fulmer

Collaboration On The Ground!

Resistance activists in Shelby County are eager to bring about big changes in our nation and in our own neighborhoods. Indivisible Memphis is not only resisting Trump and the harmful GOP agenda, but we’re informing and encouraging West Tennesseans to become engaged in city, county, and state politics as well. I am encouraged that the new SCDP is inviting activists to contribute their voices and enthusiasm through the Democratic Grassroots Council, and I look forward to working together on our shared goals of electing progressive candidates up and down the ballot.

Emily Fulmer

Co-Chair, Indivisible Memphis


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The Shelby County Democratic Party

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