Party Organizational Structure

Official information about the organization of the SCDP is in the By-Laws (Updated 1/22/15).

Executive Committee

The “board of directors” of the SCDP is the Executive Committee (EC). The members are elected from each state House District in Shelby County.


The Chairman is the official spokesperson for the SCDP. The Chairman and other officers are elected by the Executive Committee.

Steering Committee

The officers, together with at-large members also elected by the Executive Committee, compose the Steering Committee.


Day-to-day work of the SCDP is carried out by standing committees and ad hoc committees. Committee memberships may include volunteer Democrats in addition to members of the Executive Committee.

Election of the Executive Committee

EC members are elected by delegates from each precinct in the House District. Those delegates themselves are elected by any qualified Democrats from the precinct who attend the precinct caucuses prior to the Biennial Convention of the SCDP. (The Biennial Convention is held in the year following the election for Governor and in the year following the election for President.)

There are 29 members on the EC for the two years following the 2015 Biennial Convention, which will be held on March 28th. The number of members from each House District is based on the number of votes for the Democratic candidate in that District in the last Presidential or Governor’s race.

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