Attend The SCDP Summer Convention

During the SCDP Summer Convention, attendees will have the opportunity to be elected to the Democratic Grassroots Council – a body of area Democrats committed to working in the community and alongside progressive organizations to help get out the Democratic vote. 26 members of the SCDP Executive Committee will also be selected to develop the long-term vision of the new Shelby County Democratic Party.

Participation and elected roles are open to any bona fide Democrat who is registered to vote in Shelby County, TN. This diverse body of Democratic leaders should reflect the constituents throughout Shelby County. Please register to attend and bring a friend along for a fun time at the largest Democratic Caucus event in West TN!

Available Seats/Votes For Each District

Districts 1-7

District 1

8 votes

Commissioner: Terry Roland
District 2

8 votes

Commissioner: George Chism
District 3

7 votes

Commissioner: David Reaves
District 4

8 votes

Commissioner: Mark Billingsley
District 5

8 votes

Commissioner: Heidi Shafer
District 6


Commissioner: Willie Brooks
District 7


Commissioner: Melvin Burgess

Districts 8-13

District 8

10 votes

Commissioner: Walter Bailey
District 9

15 votes

Commissioner: Justin J. Ford
District 10

13 votes

Commissioner: Reginald Milton
District 11

11 votes

Commissioner: Eddie S. Jones
District 12

12 votes

Commissioner: Van Turner
District 13

9 votes

Commissioner: Steve Basar

How We Calculated Each District’s Allotted DGC Members:

There are a total of 130 DGC seats/votes available for Shelby County’s 13 districts. 65 of the seats were divided equally to all 13 districts (5 seats per district). The remaining 65 seats were divided proportionally based on Democratic voter turnout during the most gubernatorial primary.

We have four reasons for calculating in this way. 1) The Ad Hoc Committee determined five (5) to be the bare minimum number of participants required to operate successfully in each district. 2) The Ad Hoc Committee voted to ensure more “feet on the ground” in the districts that demonstrate a greater need for constituent engagement. 3) The Ad Hoc Committee voted to enable future leaders to proportionally reallocate DGC seats to reward districts that increase turnout during the primary. 4) During the SCDP Listening Tour, constituents repeatedly voiced a concern that it is unfair for districts with minimal Democratic turnout to have an equal voice in electing the SCDP Chair as our districts with the largest turnout. We ultimately agreed.

We appreciate the feedback we received from over 200 community members who helped influence this determination.

The Shelby County Democratic Party

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